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Reiki Treatment


“Reiki” (ray-key) is Japanese for universal life energy.

The practice of Reiki is an original method of healing, developed by Mikao Usui in Japan early in the 20th century. Reiki is a natural healing energy that works on every level, not just the physical, and is understood to promote the body’s regenerative self- healing ability. As a natural form of healing Reiki can support and enhance other forms of treatment.

We live in a world of energy that nourishes and maintains all living things. When this energy flows uninterrupted there is balance and harmony within and around us and we experience a sense of wellbeing. Reiki works at bringing us into balance and is believed therefore to reinforce the body’s natural ability to heal itself at all levels, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. It is a tradition that is open to any belief system.

The method of receiving a Reiki treatment is simple. You remain clothed and lie on a treatment couch or sit on a chair and relax. The practitioner gently places their hands non-intrusively, on or near your body. There is no massage or manipulation and the whole person is treated rather than specific symptoms. 

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